Blog. I’ve attempted a blog three times now. My reasons for writing come and go, but my fascination with photography doesn’t cease. I’ve taken creative imaging courses, subscribe to podcasts, and bring my camera everywhere. I think I’ll narrate my life this way and hopefully entertain or inspire a few. I may have finally found something I will be passionate about for the rest of my life. It’s about more than taking a “good photo” – it’s art, it’s developing an eye for an image that tells a story, it’s framing the world’s subjects with honesty, it’s giving light to truth, beauty, freedom and love. I’m just like anyone else attempting to make sense of the world, but through photography.

Personal. I’m an undergraduate student at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology studying mechanical engineering, art, media and design. I speak English, Spanish and Italian. Like many others, I go through phases when it comes to interests. I’m a new hobby collector, dubbed so because I love to try exotic activities. (It happens when you grow up in a small town in Texas.) I am a yin-yang, oxymoron, independent conversationalist interested in many things unrelated, otherwise known as a gemini. I am energetic, spontaneous, and inquisitive. Treating my comrades to tea and an intellectual conversation about changes in the world are commonplace. As for the changes I want to see…my greatest aspiration is to be an inventor and bring technology to places where the world needs it most.


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  1. Thank you! Very inspiring 🙂

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