Slovenia « Lesce Bled


We like nature and seeking peace.

We dislike tourist hordes and big cities.

Active and adventurous, she fled from Yugoslavia in 1991. So she’s also 22.

We are very similar, Slovenia and I.


Except she will be beautiful until time ends.


The gorgeous lake is known as Bled.


Try all – relaxing, rowing, or renting.


Reach the island in the middle for a nice drink and panorama.



There’s enough Bled for the few that visit.



And hidden mosaics in the island’s church.



I’ve found who I want to grow old with.


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  1. love the poem and the simplicity but efficacy of the post 🙂

  2. WOW God must live here…..I can’t wait to visit!

    1. Mojca says:

      Well, we do have a story about that in Slovenia:
      When the God was creating Earth, he made sure to give every nation a place to live. But he forgot about Slovenians, since there are so few. So at the end the Slovenian asked God: what about me? Where will I live? And God was a little embarrassed to forget one nation so he gave them a piece of Earth that he was saving for himself.
      I’m soo I love with my country. 🙂

  3. Such a lovely place!
    I wish I could go there one day.

    1. vt says:

      Getting there is tricky. But in general the country’s inexpensive! There are really cheap buses from Trieste in Italy if you ever find yourself nearby 🙂

      1. I think the easiest way of getting there is to take one of the low-cost flights for example from London directly to Ljubljana airport. As easy as it gets, if you ask me…

        Public transport options from Italy might be a bit trickier though. 😉

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