Selflessly, Compassionately, Unafraid, Boston.

We are fortunate to live in a world where many sacrifice their lives for others. So we are free and protected. On Thursday, April 18, MIT police officer Sean A. Collier was fatally shot by one of the Boston Marathon Suspects. He kept a campus, myself and others consider home, from harm.

But it cost us his life.

Were it not for his bravery, the suspects could have remained at large with more explosives.

But he gave us his life.

We will never be able to give him the thanks that he deserves. For standing up, while the rest of us were asked to stay inside, secure, unharmed. Thursday night was one of the longest nights I hope to quickly forget. The emotional rush, anxiety, fear, adrenaline pumps with every new break in the story…

But we are safe now.

In the midst of the tragic story, are many other stories of officers who jumped into action. Yet, “if you want to know who we are, what America is,  how we respond to evil, that’s it: selflessly, compassionately, unafraid.”


GreenBuilding_BlueRibbon 2
Green Building lit up in memory of the MIT Police Officer, Sean A. Collier.
Flowers and signs for the tragedies on Boylston Street as Boston Police stand guard.
Support poured in from all of the US for Boston.
Students showing their pride and appreciation for the efforts of Boston Police.
Crowds gathered on the Boston Common Gazebo holding up US flags and Boston Banners in celebration.
Shadows of people looking at a patriotic sign placed near an American flag.
Students eager to show their support for the officers who protect the Greater Boston Area.
A student rallies the crowd as they scream for the victory against the tragic acts that occurred earlier in the week.
One of many flags in the Boston Common.
A patriotic woman.
A man on the outskirts of the Common reaching out to his friends.
Signs displayed in support of the Boston Police.


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