Floresta da Tijuca – The World’s Largest Urban Forest

Deciding to take on the mountains in Tijuca:

– You can easily reach the tops of two, but not all the views may be cleared out. (Bring a machete or the like.)

– At one point, you will be rock climbing along a steep angle where the path will suddenly be very narrow. (Find foot holes and grab on to branches. Release your inner Tarzan.)

– The thought of falling off and no one knowing may cross your mind a couple of times. (I would not recommend going alone!) Yet, if you hike on your own you’ll probably see more of the rainforest than with a Jeep Tour.

– You’ll meet rainforest species. (Maybe a monkey if you’re lucky.)

– If you do it the day of your evening flight, you’ll have no problem falling asleep. (Making it the shortest flight of your life.)

Waterfall Near the Start of the Trail
View From the Trail that Curves Along the Waterfall
Peak No. 1 (Approximately 1847 ft)
The View of the Beach and Rio de Janeiro
The Rock Climbing Part (The Only Way to Get Up Was to Grab that Branch!)
Peak No. 2 (2680 ft)
Children Playing Soccer in the Park at the End of the Trails
Sign in Portugese (with Coordinates!)
Map and Water Fountain
Park Just Outside Tijuca
Success Marks


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