…as Snow is to Boston

If you don’t live in Boston, you’ve probably never seen the city like this.


Blizzards are common, but that doesn’t stop the tour buses from coming to MIT.


Before coming to school here, I’d never really seen snow. (Now would probably be a good time to buy snow boots.)


Yet, a harsh winter is majestic in its own way and unbelievable that no two snowflakes are alike.


There were probably better times to cross the Mass Ave Bridge, but I couldn’t resist the thrill of shooting in a blizzard. It took a good 15 minutes to regain sensation in my fingers after. When a strong gust came I just plopped down on the snow.



After the storm, there was no public transportation for 2 days. Everyone walked in the streets usually swarmed by impatient cars and their Mass-bred drivers.


March doesn’t mean the end of winter the same way it used to when I lived in Texas, but spring will come in due time…


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