TIme in Tahoe, A Californian Paradise

My friends and I secured last minute airbnb reservations around lunch time on a Friday. We split a gorgeous cabin in South Lake Tahoe, CA. That same day (6 hours later) we started the >200 mile journey. The plan: escape from our summer internships in Mountain View.

The Drive

You know you’re in Lake Tahoe when…your ears start popping from the altitude and winding roads, but you can’t take your eyes off the view. Definitely better to ride shot gun in this drive. Yet, it’s irrelevant because you will inevitably make a stop for a vista. (Go for “Inspiration Point”, if you can.)

First Sight

We decided against driving right up to the lake, opting to take a mini-hike down. After 2 miles of walking we were ecstatic to spot this:

Swimming in Lake Tahoe

Clear waters, hues of blues, great depth, boats, (illegal) cliff jumping. While the water was definitely frigid for a Gulf Coast native like myself, it will only take your body about 5 minutes to equilibriate. (Longest – coldest – 5 minutes of your trip!) My friends and I took a few quick dips after cycles of soaking up warmth from the sun and sand.

Chasing Relaxation

People (and animals) make their way to Lake Tahoe for various reasons – escape, tanning, excitement, adventure, general summer celebrations – but whatever the purpose, stress levels are infinitesimally small after a day on the Lake. It was quite appropriate for my friend to be wearing a t-shirt that said, “CLEAR THE MIND”. Yet, some – like the young boy below – like to chase relaxation a little differently. (The stir was much too adorable not to capture on camera.)

Trails of Nature

Lake Tahoe is also lined with trails and views of mountains in the distant. Even the rocks seem to have settled in the most inviting spots. (Perfect for meditation and yoga for the bold!) I enjoyed the way the landscape’s trees seem to be creatively crawling towards the sky. Below is a close-up of a gorgeous spiral tree trunk.

Starry Sights

Our last night was spent under the stars, discussing time, physics, purpose, meaning, creation…such a short amount of time we have. And to think these stars have been in existence for billions of years. (For the nerdy fans who don’t mind tangents: looking at the stars is technically looking into the past*; a shooting star is a meteorite that came too close to Earth’s atmosphere. What you see is actually it burning upon impact.)

But, if you’re not much of a beach bum, this alone is worth experiencing. Lake Tahoe is spectacular – every day and night.


This was easily my favorite weekend in California. It fell into place serendipitously after a hard week of work. I had great company, rested & relaxed, took in nature’s beauty, tested out my friend’s 55 – 300mm zoom lens, and took photographs mom & dad will love.

She ran away in her sleep and dreamed of para-para-paradise.

Oh, I shall miss California.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. The Landy says:

    Great photos, and enjoyed the read…

  2. thepoliblog says:

    Beautiful pictures. They gave a nice sense of what it would be like to visit there.
    One small correction: looking at the stars is looking at the past, or really many pasts. The light from the star that is 8 light years away left that star 8 years ago, and the light from a star in a nearby direction but 12 light years away left that star 12 years ago.

    1. vt says:

      *thank you for the insight! sadly, I did not have my astronomy friend’s contact info to get more information, so i went off of my memory of the conversation. (what i get for blogging on the go and not checking my facts!) i sincerely appreciate it 🙂

  3. Lake Tahoe!! <33 Wonderful captures of happy moments!! 🙂

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