A 10hr Expedition to Kullaberg, Sweden

Copenhagen may be the happiest city in the world, but if you’d rather spend the day outdoors than walk Strøget again, explore the gorgeous Swedish landscape.

From Copenhagen, drive or take public transportation to Helsingor in Eastern Denmark. There are 31 daily twenty minute sailings across the Øresund (the narrow waterway between Denmark and Sweden) to Helsingborg. From there, drive along a scenic route (filled with Swedish architecture as you approach the coast) to Kullaberg. Also known as Kullen, this natural reseve lies in Southwest Sweden, not too far from Mölle.

I ventured to the Swedish Coast with some classmates for a rock climbing trip organized by DIS. Our climbing instructors were British, so the key words were a little different than the American “On Belay”. To get to the favorite spot of many locals we had to first climb down.

The day was surprisingly sunny for Scandinavian weather and the rocks were varied for all experience levels. Even beginners like me (see below).

This was the part where I was told to use my bum to vertically crawl up.

There were quite a few advanced climbers at Kullen. Below is a good action shot of an experienced (and attractive) climber.

And good looking climbers bring good looking friends…

After getting exhausted on the rocks, my friends and I explored the rest of the reserve. We discovered a hidden cove where people were laying out and fishing.


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  1. Akanksha says:

    Let me know if you are interested in submitting an article for the topic ” A tryst with Nature”
    Send me the link with a short bio of yours to ver.akanksha@gmail.com before Thursday this week

    1. vt says:

      Thanks Akanksha! Sorry I missed this. Admittedly, I only blog for fun. But maybe I’ll have something for your next competition!

  2. What an adventure! It looks terrifying and beautiful. Would love to go to Sweden someday……

  3. kuwanna says:

    How scary!I would never have the courage to do so.

    1. vt says:

      I was fortunate enough to have trained professionals. I’m terrified of heights – but I trust physics!

  4. Heather C.J. Atkins says:

    Beautiful images. I spent 3 months every summer in Vaddo, Sweden (as a child and preteen). I’m hoping to find time to return to this beautiful country as an adult to do some sightseeing. Thanks for the reminder.

    1. vt says:

      No problem! Sweden and Denmark are the beautiful countries not many people know about. I felt like there weren’t many tourists, which makes the “escape” that much better. Gorgeous landscapes. I would love to see CPH in the winter!

  5. kaystoner says:

    Great pictures! A great way to “be there” when “there” is so far away.

  6. asoulwalker says:

    This looks like a delightful day!

  7. It's only P! says:

    Long live the adventurous! Great pictures.

  8. Now that looked like fun.

  9. gooddeedaday says:

    Your pictures are stunning!

  10. nordicnoir says:

    I’ve never been to this stretch of Sweden, but now I feel like I have to go someday!

  11. Michele LMS says:

    Glorious photos! . . . Thank you for sharing your wonderful adventure!


  12. aquariosa says:

    Finally! I can read something about adventure. I think, I’ll go there one day, because I’m still in Copenhagen until December 2013. May I know how much money does it cost for a retour trip? The train, ship, etc?

    Thank you for sharing. ^^

    1. vt says:

      Definitely venture to Sweden! The trip was subsidized by the Danish International School I was taking a course at, but you could use this website (http://www.directferries.co.uk/helsingor_helsingborg_ferry.htm)…in general, Scandinavia is expensive 😦 but fortunately nature is free!

      1. aquariosa says:

        Hmmm yeah, Scandinavia unbelievable expensive. ^^ But, if it’s worth it, I think, I’m still going there. When is the best time in a year to travel there?

        Thank you for the information.

  13. The Landy says:

    Looks like it was a great day out, and fantastic photo evidence!!!

  14. WOW. these photos are fuckn amazing!!! i so badly wanna go rock climbing…i’ve been but only on walls!! so unbelievably jealous.

    1. vt says:

      Definitely try it! It feels so much more natural; felt like I had a better grip too. Good challenge in my case because I’m only 5′ 1″ and sometimes nature doesn’t make perfect rock climbing courses.

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