Bikers, Bakeries, and Babies


I’ve been in Denmark for 6 days now. In that short time, I’ve discovered people are (in general) friendly and gorgeous, the city is well-designed with many pockets for public spaces (to be blogged about later!), almost everyone speaks English fluently, and the Danes are free-spirited, happy, and liberal (despite paying 50% of their wages to taxes). But, Copenhagen is also home to some of the best bikers, most delicious bakeries, and beautiful babies…


If you buy a car in Denmark, expect to pay 3 times the cost after factoring in taxes. When I found this out, it became obvious why the country’s streets are filled with bikers. But, a bicycle in Denmark is a fashion statement for many. I’ve seen a few men with brief cases strapped to their backs and a few women in long bohemian skirts.

Spotted this while riding a bike (of course).
Heels, dresses, or suits…in Denmark, bikes are the most common accessories.
Two lovely women enjoying a ride in the park.


This bakery in Frederiksborg put Cambridge’s Flour to shame. I treated myself to one and felt a little guilty…like I’d stolen something from heaven. But then I realized I paid $6 for it and decided to share some with a friend because it was very filling. (I was glad I to be riding a bike afterwards.)

There’s a reason why Denmark is famous for them!
Danish design – even in disposable silverware.
Delicious crepe stand!


Copenhagen is home to some stylish babies! They’re usually found behind their parents’ bicycle seats or exploring in a park. With Copenhagen being nicknamed the happiest country in the world, it shouldn’t surprise me that many parents choose to raise their children here…or that there are so many babies to begin with.

A (handsome) father blowing bubbles.
Well dressed blondies ordering a pastry.
Probably telling on me for taking his photo…

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  1. Having travelled to Denmark every summer for the past umpteen years, I can attest to the number of bikes in cities and small towns. Even the smallest towns in the most far-reaching areas have world-class bakeries (you can tell because of the number of people queuing up at 6.30 in the morning) and their babies (I have 3 of them!) are indeed beautiful.

  2. Boomdeeadda says:

    Gorgeous photo’s, you’re right, those are the most stylish youngsters ever, they could all be doing a fab photo shoot for ‘Mommy & Me’. It seems happiness is not predicated by how much money one keeps after taxes, I always thought so too.

  3. Tresa Metter says:

    i love to bake foods and someday, i want to own a bakery myself.^

    My current internet page
    <img src=" “>

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