Ice-capades (and Butt-Sledding)

My last winter adventure before the semester took place in Northern Massachusetts. Mount Wachusett is actually a ski resort, but they have easy trails for people to climb. I wanted to get in some outdoors time before the start of term but was too exhausted after my externship ended for a strenuous hike. I opted for the “relaxed chocolate hike”. (Named so because we were instructed to bring and eat chocolate during every break we took.)

The hardest part of the trail was that it was covered in ice. Easy if you have crampons or microspikes, but there wasn’t enough snow so we didn’t think we’d need them. We made our way to the top by dodging ice layers and off-trailing. People butt-sled part of their way down.

I think it’s strange that I’m afraid of heights but love to reach summits and see views from above. I’ve been deprived living 1′ above sea level in the Gulf Coast. Mountains and winter adventures are worth the early sunsets.


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  1. It looks like Niko enjoyed the trip! Wish I could have been there 🙂

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