Try to Resist…

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…especially the photo of Tokie, the hedgehog. (My boyfriend always gets stuck babysitting an interesting assortment of other people’s belongings. This past summer he watched over an espresso machine, which I – a confessed coffee addict – benefited from.)

Turtle – In a pond, in Rhode Island, while crouched down very still until he poked his head out. (Sunbathing I suppose.)

Parakeet – My grandmother has at least 7 of them. Dad likes to pet them.

Lovebird – Pepe, our most beloved family pet. He used to break out of his cage and scurry over to my room and cuddle with my sister. I swear my sister and this bird shared a telepathic connection.

Hedgehog – Belongs to the same guy with the espresso machine. Ha. I actually think he might be his girlfriend’s. Needless to say, I had some fun when my boyfriend told me to watch him while he cleaned his cage. (Right before we put him back in he made a mess all over espresso dude’s nice desk chair…we’ll keep that a secret.)


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