Mexican Holidays

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This holiday break my family journeyed 6 hours to the valley (a region of Texas about a 5 mile walk from Mexico).

There’s always a Mexican wedding during Christmas. It’s an unspoken rule that if the wedding takes place in your city, you must congregate, drink, and dance (even if you don’t know the bride and groom). Someone in your family does. When you arrive, you eat a typical plate of potatoes, rice, tortillas and meat. There’s a band that plays upbeat folk music. At some point in the night, women take off their shoes, lock hands, and run under a bridge created by the bride and her maid of honor. We call this la víbora del mar (snake of the sea). It picks up speed until people fall. It’s hilarious. The groom gets attention, too. A group of guys (led by the best man) picks him up on their shoulders and throw him in the air a few times. All of this is standard protocol if you want to have a Mexican wedding.

But wedding or no wedding, I am happy anytime my large family congregates during the holidays because it usually means curfews are expelled and everyone dances until the room starts spinning

…and then it’s time for coffee and Mexican pastries!


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  1. incredible reading for everyone who enjoys this type of stuff. I know that I certainly do.

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